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  1. On this day, I just thought about looking comfy and cozy, yet badass and sexy to class. Instead of playing it safe with skinny jeans, I thought about rocking my vintage studded reworked Levi 501’s from Bitching and Junkfood at Nasty Gal. So, I thought, Why not, Michelle? DO IT! And boy, did I do it. These shorts really saved my outfit from looking blah

    Anyhow, I was not able to get a picture of my outfit on campus since it wasn’t so scenic. So, I had my picture taken around my house. The scenery reminds me of Angela Chase’s house in My So-Called Life and I wanted to reflect that nostalgia through my outfit. 

    Beanie: Circa 2003| Moto jacket: Topshop| T-shirt: American Apparel t-shirt  from Gnome Enterprises| Rosary Necklace: Philip Vargas Art at Crafted | Rings: (L) House of Harlow horseshoe ring, Verameat Mystery Hugs ring and Bird ring. (R) Knuckleduster ring| Shorts: vintage studded reworked Levi 501’s by Bitching and Junkfood at Nasty Gal|Tights: Max Mara| Shoes: Doc Martens. 

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